Attitude Mom Electric Breast Pump Mirror Light

$ 397.00

Electric Breast Pump “Mirror Light Model”
The Electric Breast Pump that has been developed to fulfill the new gens mother. An automatic Electric Breast Pump comes in 5 modes The machine comes with built-in battery, a compact size is ease to anywhere. Our Electric Breast Pump and accessories are certified by Thailand FDA and International FDA.
Electric Breast Pump “Mirror Light Model”
Deep Suction / Well Drained / Well Cleaned
Feature Characteristics
Single Motor System
Maximum suction is at 450 mmHg
Gentle Sucking Like Baby
Suitable for Breastmilk Pumping for Storage
Compact Size
Light Weight and portable
5 Modes: Massage / Expression / 2in1 / Double Frequency / Spin
Weight: 240.5 grams
Function Mode
A new innovation designed of Electric Breast Pump which mimic the baby’s natural and perfect suction features
Expression Mode 1-7 Levels
Milk suction for milk well drained.
Massage Mode 1-5 Levels
Stimulate breast massaged will get the best milk flow and to get more quantity of milk.
Double Frequency Mode 1-7 Levels
A Well-drained pump can help to prevent mastitis. It’s suitable for mama who has remained the milk in the breast for several hours.
2in1 Mode 1-7 Levels
Massage to stimulate milk 8 times+ milk suction 1 time, it helps to stimulate the quantity of milk supply and relieve breast engorgement for milk well drained.
Spin Mode
Massage nipple with fast speed and low suction to assist mother who needs to stimulate the mammary gland to achieve milk production and milk flow smoothly.
Attitude Mom Electric Breast Pump “Mirror Light Model”
Warranty: 12 months local warranty
Battery Warranty: 12 months local warranty
The warranty of motor and battery will be started after delivery (For confirmation please send the Birth Certificate and Warranty card at Line: @attitudemom
Free machine substitutes during repair




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