Attitude Mom Electric Breast Pump Little Plus Pro II

$ 264.00

..5 intelligence modes with 1 motor. New feature “Pause” function..

..One motor can use for a single pump and double pumps..

..5 intelligent modes..

· Expression Mode (level 1-7) helps to drain the breast milk.

· Massage Mode (level 1-5) helps to stimulate massage and increase breast milk.

· 2 in 1 Mode (level 1-7) special function by working two modes in one time! by massage 8 times + expression 1 time. It helps to make the breast milk flow and be well-drain.

· Double Frequency Mode (level 1-7) helps to clear the breast milk for the mother who misses the breast pump and helps to protect breast swell.

· New!! Spin Mode helps to stimulate the breast and it makes the breast milk flow better.

.. NEW Feature! Pause button..

• Pause for 5 minutes in case an emergency can press again to continue pumping immediately.

• Battery capacity 2,600 mAh

• Charging time just 4 hours.

..Lock screen function..

• Help to prevent in case of touch the screen by mistake just press the turn on/off button for 3 sec.

• The maximum suction power is 400 mmHg.

• The weight of the machine is 255 grams.

..The machine is very light, small, easy to carry, and has low volume while using..



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