Attitude Mom Electric Breast Pump New Galaxy II

$ 564.00

“Attitude Mom New Galaxy II” the best for 2023 developed every feature from Galaxy ll to New  Galaxy II to be the best of all the Breast pumps.

There are 15 special features for mothers to receive: 

• 2 motors for breast pumps working separately can choose the different modes for both the sides

• Have a separate function menu and level for both the sides

..5 intelligent modes..

· Expression Mode (level 1-7) helps to drain the breast milk.

· Massage Mode (level 1-5) helps to stimulate massage and increase breast milk.

· 2 in 1 Mode (level 1-7) special function by working two modes in one time! by massage 8 times + expression 1 time. It helps to make the breast milk flow and be well-drain.

· Double Frequency Mode (level 1-7) helps to clear the breast milk for the mother who misses the breast pump and helps to protect breast swell.

· New!! Spin Mode (level 1-3) helps to stimulate the breast and it makes the breast milk flow better.

• Maximum suction frequency of 137 rpm. 

• Maximum suction power of 450 mmHg per side.

• Battery capacity 5200 mAh.

• Charging time just 4 hours.

• The maximum round breast pump is 8-16 round pumps. 30 mins per 1 time (When pumping 2 sides can use a maximum of 8 round pumps and pump 1 side can use 16 round pumps.)

..NEW! Feature you can switch to the other side just by pressing one button..

..NEW!! The most advanced internal system is the “Double Micro Air Pump Plus” an innovation to optimize the motor for strong suction power. We reduce the size of the motor making our breast pump smaller and lighter, but with better suction performance..

• The weight of the machine is 385 grams with quite sound.

• The LED buttons have a light that makes pumping in the dark place more convenient.



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